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Logo Description
Beauty Booth Qatar Beauty For skin-care and cosmetics
BeautySpot Beauty Online store to provide cosmetics from international brands.
Beema Others For retail insurance

BelaOryx Beauty For beauty products
Berluti Fashion Leather maker that manufactures menswear and men's fashion
BigTree Marketplace Marketplace for groceries, household items, and electronics
Billjumla Marketplace Online store Provide food, household, perfumes, cosmetics, luggage and FMCG categories.

Biovea Healthcare Online retailer of high-end health and beauty products.
Black Tulip Flowers Gifts Provide Flowers, Foliages & ornamental plants .
Bleems Gifts Provide Flowers, confections, gifts and perfumes.

Blue Diamond Others Car Wash & Detailing Service.
Blue Lynx Electronics Online shopping portal exclusively for computers and computer accessories.

Blue Salon Marketplace Online store provide fashions for all the family , accessories , home products and food and beverage and more .
Bo Ta Ny Beauty Vegan and organic skin care products and tools.
BoConcept Home and Kitchen Modern furniture.
Bon Roastery Others Business-supplier of high quality coffee beans, also providing training and consultancy Marketplace Fashion clothing, personal care cosmetics and more.

Brands Outlet Marketplace Bringing the latest innovative products, items, and gadgets available to the consumer.
Bright Horizon Toys and Sports Supply educational kits to provide all support to children.
Bronze Marketplace Provide Products related to women and beauty ,Men, and Kids, Home Appliance , Electronic games ,and more.
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