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Logo Description
Angelo Clothing Specialized site for kids clothes.
Anotah Clothing Specialized site for women and kids clothes
Apoqa Beauty Provides natural cosmetics.
Arabian Florist Gifts Supplying all Kinds of flowers .
Arabian Porter Fashion Online fashion store that offers Arabic fashion.

Arkan Others Administrative training center, for PMP, PR, languages and more
Armani Exchange Qatar Clothing Men's and women's clothing and accessories
Asgharali Others Perfumery market.
Asos Clothing Online fashion and cosmetic retailer
At-Home-Doc Healthcare Brings Doctors, Medications and Laboratories to your Home.  

Attai Marketplace Offering different kind of services such as women clothes and electronics.
Au nom de la rose Gifts Flower arrangement shop.
Azoss Others One Stop Shop for Cleaning products, Cleaning chemicals. Air fresheners, disposable work clothes.
Azyan Jewelry Fashion Provides original jewelry pieces by international and local designers.
Baby Elephant Organic Wear Clothing Offers organic wear line for babies and toddlers.
Baqaala Grocery Grocery delivery service application.

Barista Room Home and Kitchen Specializes in providing exclusive and innovative tools, accessories, coffee beans and more
Bath and Body Works Home and Kitchen Wide range of bath and beauty products ranging from candles to hand soap
Batteel Food Products Café and Bakery.
Beautiful Time Gifts Provides coffee machines, flowers, balloons and more.
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