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About Qatar’s eCommerce Program

eCommerce Roadmap

Qatar’s eCommerce Program aims to create an environment conducive to the rapid adoption of eCommerce in the country by addressing its main inhibiting factors. It also aims to establish set protocols and governance mechanisms that will foster and encourage the future expansion of online trading in Qatar. The country’s eCommerce program objectives and Road Map have been compiled through a thorough process, involving local, regional and international businesses with a significant interest in Qatari eCommerce – from product and service creation, to online purchasing, order fulfilment and delivery. Apart from identifying and removing key obstacles to building a successful online retail sector, the continued coordination, communication and collaboration between all stakeholders have also been recognised as critical to the effective implementation of the program’s objectives. In addition, as the online hub serving eCommerce in Qatar, this website plays an integral role in serving the program’s goals by providing a central resource for information, communication and support for both eMerchants and eShoppers.

  • 1
    Strengthen Regulatory Framework

    Create a regulatory environment which is conclusive to eCommerce growth.

  • 2
    Enhance Delivery

    Increase competition and efficiency in local logistics and domestic parcel delivery.

  • 3
    Enable ePayments

    Provide multiple secure e-payment methods and efficient payment processes.

  • 4
    Stimulate Consumer Adoption

    Create consumer awareness and foster a safe, user-friendly eShopping experience.

  • 5
    Empower eMerchants

    Simplify trading registration processes and offer strong support and communication channels.

MCIT Mandate

Under the Qatar Electronic Transactions and Commerce Law (No. 16 of 2010), MCIT governs the provision, use and development of electronic and transaction means in the State of Qatar. MCIT’s key objectives are to reduce and eliminate barriers in Qatari eCommerce, thereby increasing market value and sustainability through increased adoption, penetration and transaction volumes. By providing a stable regulatory environment, MCIT also aims to raise the quality of products and services available online in Qatar to international levels, further boosting market trust and online transactions. It also seeks to facilitate the provision of education, tools, funding and business support required to build a thriving eCommerce ecosystem in Qatar.

eCommerce Roadmap

eCommerce in Qatar

Qatar’s eCommerce sector is seventh largest in the MENA region and was valued at USD1.2 billion in 2015. Thanks to its ever-improving high speed Internet technologies and widespread mobile and fixed connectivity – as well as high levels of disposable income among its local and expatriate population – at present Qatar enjoys enormous room for growth in the eCommerce space.

Featuring an average online transaction value of USD260 – with travel, electronics and fashion/lifestyle as the most popular eCommerce categories currently – the potential for further rapid expansion of the online retail market in the country is enormous. Indeed, the country’s eCommerce sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17 percent over the next five years, and thus presents an incredible opportunity for eMerchants and other related service providers wanting to join the thriving Qatari online retail ecosystem.

For a more detailed overview of the current state of the eCommerce market in Qatar please click here.

eCommerce in Qatar

Theqa, the eCommerce Trustmark

Theqa is Qatar’s very first eCommerce Trustmark and aims to boost and nurture online retail activity in the country by instilling a sense of trust that its eCommerce ecosystem is safe and secure. By engaging with all stakeholders, including enlightening eMerchants to make smart decisions and to anticipate customer needs, and educating eShoppers on their rights and what kind of service to expect, Theqa strives to empower, elevate and evolve the entire Qatari eCommerce ecosystem. Theqa provides businesses with the tools, abilities and skills required for rapid success, and consumers with the knowledge and confidence to shop online securely and effectively.

For more information on how Theqa can empower you as an eMerchant or eShopper, please
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