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eShopping has many great benefits for the savvy consumer. As an eShopper, you can easily place an order on your computer, tablet or phone, for almost anything you want, at any time of the day - and have it delivered promptly straight to your door.

eCommerce is the new, fast and convenient way of shopping – the world of eCommerce is always available immediately at your fingertips, all from the comfort of your own home… or wherever you choose to be.

eShopping Benefits

eShopping Benefits

eShopping <br>Best Practices

Best Practices


Theqa, the eCommerce
Trustmark - Your Badge of Trust

As an eShopper, Theqa, the eCommerce Trustmark, is your badge of trust. It guarantees an eMerchant has complied with the highests standards required to trade online in Qatar, ensuring your personal information is secure and leaving you free of worry and able to enjoy your online shopping experience to the fullest.

Theqa assures consumers will be provided with the highest quality in products and services, as well as the effortless fulfillment of orders and deliveries. It also supports you as an eShopper by educating you on your rights as a consumer and by providing effective communications channels for consumer complaints, should the need arise.

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