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eShopping Best Practices

Here are a few tips for making the most of your online shopping experience:




  • Spend some time comparing price, quality, terms, shipping costs and delivery times.
  • Read customer reviews for products and services to help you make your purchase decision.
  • Investigate the quality of online retailers by consulting customer review websites or apps.


  • Choose only trusted online vendors, preferably those displaying some sort of trustmark or verification of authenticity. Beware of fraudulent websites by checking the spelling in the URL.
  • Make sure the website URL begins with https and displays a lock icon, which further signifies the site is secure.
  • Be sure to check the website’s shipping and general terms and conditions pages. Ensure they have provided adequate contact details.
  • Do not make online payments or do Internet banking over public Wifi networks.
  • Avoid websites which ask you for confidential information beyond that necessary for purchase and delivery (such as a national identity number).
  • Adopt secure payment precautions such as a fraud protected credit card or consider using a reputable service such as PayPal.


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